Download Film Kesurupan (2008) HD Full Movie

Download Film Kesurupan (2008) HD Full Movie
Download Film Kesurupan (2008) HD Full Movie

Synopsis (title translation: Possessed) Felina and Alin, both 18, have just entered university. At the orientation, Felina secretly falls in love with Marik, a senior, who always protects them. Meanwhile, Alin becomes possessed by three ghosts that are haunting the jungle. At first, Rusman, a mute man who lives in the jungle, cures her. But when Alin returns to Jakarta, she becomes possessed again and her face keeps changing. Felina believes that Alin is possessed for taking a doll in the jungle. A psychic advises Alin to return the doll. Accompanied by Felina and Marik, they return to the jungle with Rusman and Rusli, the translator. They are told to find a big hole filled with graves where they must put the doll before sunrise.

Genre : Horror , Thriller 
Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
Director : Rizal Mantovani 
Writer : Aviv Elham, Rizal Mantovani
Cast : Shareefa Daanish Sumartono, Nia Ramadhani, Andhika Pratama Subagio, Mastur Irawan, Dwi Damar, Santy, Stefie Hariadioyo, Debora Florist Me, Eddie Karsito, Irene Racik Salamun, Jedi Saputra, Irene Racik Salamun, Larasati P Tjakrawanagiri, Stefanie Boumann, Zeviska Obbina, Yuyun Arafah
Production : MD Pictures
Country : Indonesia 
Language : Indonesia
Duration : 99 min 
Release : March 27 2008
Quality : WEB-DL 

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