Download Film Kuntilanak-Kuntilanak (2012) HD Full Movie

Download Film Kuntilanak-Kuntilanak (2012) HD Full Movie
Download Film Kuntilanak-Kuntilanak (2012) HD Full Movie

Synopsis Title translation: Kuntilanaks After being divorced from Krisna (Reza Pahlevi), Adelina Venus (Niken Anjani), a famous novelist writes her latest novel in a remote and quiet place. With her daughter Salwa (Adzwa Aurelline), she rents a villa called Rumah Bukit Hijau (the Green Hill Mansion). Saskia (Chrissie Vanessa), her loyal assistant, comes along. During in the villa, Adelina asks Saskia to record all Adelina’s activities with Salwa. Their arrival is greeted already by the mystery of an invisible kid called Aiko, who can only been seen by Salwa. Actually this makes Adelina upset. She doesn’t really believe it and when Salwa keeps mentioning Aiko’s name, Adeline loses control and goes furious. But she feels sorry then and asks Saskia to delete her act of rage in the video. Saskia thinks that the villa is haunted. Everything is on the record. Saskia deliberately sets up several cameras in some rooms. She experiences thrilling terrors too. Adelina, who at first ignores that kind of things, starts to get worried. Hardian (Rikas Harsa), the villa’s caretaker who has just been working for a week, receives an information that says in the villa there has been a robbery in which a grandmother and her granddaughter die. Their bodies are nowhere to be found. Strange things then happen there.

Genre : Horror
Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
Director : Nayato Fio Nuala 
Writer : Djamaludin Moenaf, Ery Sofid
Actors : Adzwa Aurelline, Niken Anjani, Reza Pahlevi, Rikas Harsa
Production :  Mitra Pictures
Country : Indonesia 
Language : Indonesia 
Duration : 77 min 
Release : May 03 2012
Quality : WEB-DL 

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