Download Film Merem Melek (2008) HD Full Movie

Download Film Merem Melek (2008) HD Full Movie
Download Film Merem Melek (2008) HD Full Movie 

Synopsis Kuntoro, aka Kun, is friends with Junaidi, alias Jun. They share their daily lives in a rented room where they obsess about becoming famous film stars, though they only have cameo roles. Kun fancies Mona who is rich and kind, but he does not have the courage to confess his love. One day at the shoot, Kun meets a film star, Sheila. Slowly they become friends and Sheila starts to like Kun. One day, when they have no work as extras, Sheila comes bringing food. Sheila also offers them work as extras in a film with Chyntiara Alona. Sheila also offers them a job as salesmen for sex related products supplied by Koh Acun. Kun becomes the seller and Jun acts as a transvestite and they manage to sell some products. From then on, using the same strategy, they manage to become successful in selling aphrodisiacs. But one night, a group attacks them but Jun, who knows martial art, manages to defeat them, and takes Kun to the hospital. But Kun has no will to recover so Jun asks Mona to come visit, explaining Kun’s attraction to her. Meanwhile, Sheila who has been paying for Kun’s hospital bill, tells Jun that she loves Kun sincerely. After leaving the hospital, Kun starts dating Mona, but Sheila finds out, she leaves him. Kun goes after her and they declare their love for each other. Mona decides not to intrude and Jun is happy for them when Kun and Sheila finally kiss.

Genre : Comedy, Drama, Romance
Producer : Zainal Susanto
Director : Ian Jacobs 
Writer : Viva Westi
Actors : Cathrine Wilson, Miller, Noumira Sjahril, Yama Carlos 
Production : Mitra Pictures
Country : Indonesia 
Language : Indonesia 
Duration : 90 min 
Release : December 04 2008
Quality : WEB-DL 

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