Download Film Roman Picisan (2010) HD Full Movie

Download Film Roman Picisan (2010) HD Full Movie
Download Film Roman Picisan (2010) HD Full Movie

(title translation: Dime Novel) Canting and Raga are opposites who are finally attracted to each other. When Widya, Canting’s friend, holds her wedding in Bali, Raga’s irresponsible behavior causes Tomtom, the groom, and his best friend, to miss the wedding. Canting is determined to rewire the love string between Tomtom and Widya, while Raga intends to dissolve the couple’s relationship. The climax of the confrontation between Canting and Raga occurs when both are stranded in a strange and remote area. But when they are alone together, the seeds of love begin to grow, especially when they spend the night in a fishing boat on the beach. Unfortunately, Canting has previously agreed to her father’s request, to marry Bimo, the son of his best friend.

Genre : Drama, Romance
Producer : Dhamoo Punjabi, Manoj Punjabi
Director : Rako Prijanto 
Writer : Raditya Mangunsong
Actors : Alex Abbad, Artika Sari Devi, Banyu Putra Tanzil, Budi Ros, Nungky Kusumastuti, Ririn Ekawati, Tora Sudiro
Production : MD Pictures
Country : Indonesia 
Language : Indonesia 
Duration : 85 min 
Release : May 20 2010
Quality : WEB-DL 

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