Download Film Pocong Pasti Berlalu (2014) HD Full Movie

Download Film Pocong Pasti Berlalu (2014) HD Full Movie
Download Film Pocong Pasti Berlalu (2014) HD Full Movie

Synopsis Title translation: The Ghost Definitely Pass Remon, Dede, Dion, Radit, Tata, and Dila (university students) are living in a boarding house of Mr Bolot. In addition to attend lecture, Remon works as a corpse make up, while Dion and Tata moonlighted as movie extras. One day, after finishing the shooting, on the way home Dion and Tata see a motorcyclist lying on the roadside. They want to help the victim but hearing the sound of the people coming, they decide to go. Unbeknownst to Tata, Dion takes the necklace box lying next to the victim. The next day Remon asks Dion and Radit to accompany him to make up a newly deceased corpse. What a surprise for Dion to find out that the corpse to be made up by Remon is the corpse he discovered last night with Tata. Since then, a ghost terror get into action to where they live. All confused until Dede meet with Leon who claimes to know how to repel ghosts. On the advice of Leon they form an army of anti ghosts. They begin ghost hunting but they failed to dislodge the ghost. They look for other way by playing jailangkung through the laptop. The upset ghost vent that the terror is caused by Dion’s behavior who stole the ghost’s fiancee’s necklace before she died. They were angry at Dion, especially Dion’s girlfriend, Dila, who returns the necklace given by Dion. To account for his deed they tell Dion to return the necklace to the victim's grave.

Genre : Comedy, Horror 
Producer : Rafdy Farizan Bintang
Director : Koya Pagayo 
Writer : Ery Sofid
Actors : Tatiana Sivek, Bella Shofie, Raymond Knuliqh, Dilladil, Dion Chow, Munajat Raditya, HM Bolot
Production : Mitra Pictures, BIC Productions
Country : Indonesia 
Language : Indonesia 
Duration : 78 min 
Release : March 27 2014
Quality : WEB-DL 

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